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What is SuperGreen

SuperGreen is used to build Super Homes, it's a new, superior, environmentally friendly, and recycled building material that outperforms wood frame, brick, concrete and adobe in pretty much every way.

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Better homes at a lower cost

Would you like to build better, safer, superbly insulated, with studio quality soundproofing, and more while making the planet a little less polluted, while saving costs? You probably would!


Hurricane proof

Over R-60 (self-insulating)



Soundproofing, nr 63 coefficient​

Faster to build with

5-15% less building cost

100% recycled raw material

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We went through 2 years of R&D, then invested $18,000,000 over 6 years making SuperGreen building compliant in accordance with ASTM international and BOCA standards.

ASTM C-67 Resistance to

Freeze-Thaw Cycling

ASTM C-140 Absorption/Compressive strength

ASTM C-78 3rd point flexural loading

ASTM E-139 Fire Resistance

ASTM C-67 Efflorescence

A Greener world

Every building that’s constructed with SuperGreen saves money, resources, and makes the world a little less polluted.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels


SuperGreen has 100% recycled solids. It’s lighter, more durable and more compression resistant than concrete. It’s seismically superior to typical building materials and hurricane proof. It’s fireproof and has Superb insulating capabilities with comparable wight to wood frame. One can screw screws and hammer nails into it. It’s even bulletproof!

SuperGreen perfectly is suited for homes, apartments and replaces cement, brick, and wood-frame in all types of construction. The costs benefit when building the structure is up to 55% less compared to cement or wood-frame. 

Building with SuperGreen

SuperGreen is high precision building material, techniques are precast panels with recycled steel frames, single pour and tilt-up. Upwards of 15% overall savings on a typical build.

White House with Bush

Build better

Build a better houses and save money in the process.

Recycled and Safe

SuperGreen has undergone extensive testing and licensing to ensure a safe and nontoxic building material for the future, recycling material that would end up in ever bigger landfills.

Recycled homes

For you, your children, and their future families.

Safe, nontoxic building material that helps with cleaning up the world. 

Happy family
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