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What's it like to live in a Superhome

A Superhome Built with Super Green has properties, and gives you benefits like no other home

Home Owners

You will enjoy the highest quality home

You will save energy, with R-60 (self-insulating)

You will enjoy a quite home (music studio class sound soundproofing)

You will Sleep easy in a Fireproof home

You will sleep easy in a seismically superior home

You will sleep easy in with bullet proof walls

You will enjoy a Hurricane proof home

You can screw and hammer nails for shelves and art etc direct in to the walls without studs

Your house will last many times longer than any wood frame house

You will be part of a mass recycling movement and help save the planet

You will enjoy all these benefits without any extra cost compared to a typical wood frame house

The first SuperHome ever built in Troy Missouri

Built in 2007 and still going strong.

Bult with SupreGreen Precast panels with no additional insulation and still better R-value then most anything. Inside the drywalls are screwed directly on to the SuperGreen panels.


Find it on Zillow here!

Troy house 3.jpg

SuperGreen lego-house

A few standard precast SuperGreen panels give you hundreds of combinations to construct your own dream house.

Inner- and outer walls, insulation and, load bearing walls all in one casting process.

Tiny SuperHomes

A guest room/house casted in 1 pice, or a small guest house casted in 3 pices! That is made in a factory, trucked to location and lifted in to place by a crane.


In Sweden for example there are special and simpler rules for building houses smaller then 30 sq m. sand even simpler rules for houses smalar then 15 sq m.

SuperGreen is fireproof, bulletbproof and self isolating, no additional isolation is needed.

Tiny SuperHome
Red Cross edition

Made to replace ruined houses in a catastrophe area, theyt will then survive and save lives in any upcoming catastrotphe situation. Basic structure is casted in one day and can be moved to location that very same day. Modules can be combined in lots of different configurations and they are self isolating.

Tiny Superhomes.JPG

Green House Oasis

Do you live in northern climates but wish for  summer all year around!

Zero energy houses in a greenhouse! Surrounded with self isolating SuperGreen walls that are bulletproof and fireproof.

London Block

Apartment house that maximize the area and shape of the building site!

Low energy and silent apartments. lots of open communal areas to the south. The upper flors are like townhouses in the air with large walkways and balconies. A 200 year old tree is standing on the site and was to bee cut down, instead it now becomes a green park in the air.

Suburban Homes

Benefits to builders and licens holders

You can offer a unique product with no equals 

You can use familiar building techniques while building with an all new technology 

You can offer a superior building to your clients at an equal cost

Help the environment and be part av a mass recycling movement without additional cost or hassle

Use nails and screws without studs

Save between 20%-55% on applicable construction costs

Enjoy even more customer satisfaction

Benefits to
mother earth

Less waste, less pollution and less energy


Building a Superhome recycles 150-250 tons of waste material

12.3 million tons of wood waste is dumped in landfills every year (EPA)

The US has 1.5 billion waste wood pallets, 6 for every American (Wall Street Journal) 

The US produces over 100 million tons of coal combustion byproducts every year

Superhomes is recycling on a massive scale

Windmills on green field


Low energy, recycled,

precast walls, fast assembly, hurricane proof and bulletproof and fireproof!

Superhomes built with SuperGreen is in perfect harmony with the most important trends of this century. From extreme energy efficiency, fast assembly to even being bulletproof. A Superhome is built with recycled material and therefore each Superhomeowner prevents about 200 tons of new raw material being extracted from either forests or mines.

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