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Our vision

Making the impossible possible with greener buildings for a better future while cutting costs.

Our mission

To lead the mass recycling revolution while building better and safer homes.

The company

Dario Busch invented SuperGreen and founded Alternative Building Systems Inc. back in 1999 with the primary goal to make safer houses and SuperGreen is there for fireproof. At that time 7 persons died from domestic fires every day. In the process he also realized he could use recycled material to achieve the desired properties. The resulting material has properties that outperform the properties of traditional building materials.

Dario worked for 6 years and spent $18,000,000 getting SuperGreen certified and in compliance to applicable BOCA and ASTM standards. This included building and destroying about 40 SuperGreen houses and parts of houses.

The Founder

In 2012 when Dario Busch had built a few SuperGreen houses and had contracts to build over 40 more houses, apartment complexes and shopping malls he suffered a debilitating stroke, paralyzing the entire left side of his body and causing Grand Mal epilepsy. He spent the next ten years in hospitals in Bolivia, Cuba and Sweden. The list of doctors that’s been treating him in Sweden alone totals over 120!

Dario now resides in Sweden and after years of rehabilitation he can now walk (well, kind of) and talk again. With the help of some new drugs, he is also staying clear of epileptic episodes.


Today he is confined to desk work and will never be able to work in the field as he used to. Therefore, it is now time to give SuperGreen to the masses with the help of licensing!


The new guy

Joachim Cohen, The Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Alternative Building Systems Inc. and owner of Cohen Ventures, is located in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden

Joachim provides his deep insight, extraordinary abilities, and exquisite taste in the finer things in life to enhance everything that we do.


"Quality... not quantity" - Joachim Cohen

The rock steady Hart

Vanessa Hart Chief Marketing Officer of Alternative Building Systems Inc. and owner of Hart is located in Denver, Colorado, the USA.

Vanessa has been with us from the start and is our healing driving force and the heart of our team.

Indispensable in the worldwide expansion of the Real Estate Mastery Team, Alternative Building Systems Inc. and our Supergreen Building Material.

"Nothing is impossible, it just takes a little longer" - Vanessa Hart

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