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The Material

SuperGreen consists of 100% recycled solids such as industry biproducts, rubber tires, plastics, used electronics, with lower carbon emissions than any competitive building material. SuperGreen two liquid additives and water for the curing process.

It’s lighter, more durable and more compression resistant than concrete. It’s seismically superior to typical building materials and hurricane proof. It has Superb insulating capabilities with R value over 60 (self-insulating) and equally superb sound proofing - number 63 coefficient (a music studio has about number 50 coefficient).

One of the most important properties when doing the R&D for SuperGreen was to make it Fireproof and it succeeded. You can now build and sell a Fireproof house faster and for the same cost as wood frame house.

Hardware Tools

Use a hammer

You can screw screws and hammer nails right into it and it will hold whatever you want, shelfs, art, and appliances. Do you like Really heavy wall ornaments… no problem with SuperGreen!


It’s nontoxic and even bulletproof!

Certified for worldwide use

Environmental impact report

SuperGreen is certified to comply with ASTM international standards and BOCA by Geotechnology INC Material Testing Division. standards.

ASTM C-67 Resistance to Freeze-Thaw Cycling (tested for >300 cycles)
ASTM C-140 Absorption
ASTM C-140 Compressive Strength (up to 1007 Lbs./Sq.In)
ASTM C-78 3rd point Flexural Loading
ASTM E-139 Fire Resistance of Building Material
ASTM C-67 Efflorescence

Certificate from Geotechnology INC

Environmental impact report

American Environmental Laboratories tested SuperGreen for environmental impact, and we passed with flying colors.

Test report from American Environmental Laboratories

Construction techniques

Building techniques, we use are our own innovative technology for precast panels and tilt-up with recycled steel frames and more traditional single pour. You handle SuperGreen much in the same way as concrete but with faster curing times one needs a paddle mixer instead of a cement truck. SuperGreen is also about half the wight of concrete and there for easier to handle.


This way you can set up a factory to produce pre-cast panels. We use recycled steel frames to keep with our policy of 100 % recycled solids. One needs a paddle mixer and a crane truck


Using the same technology as for pre-cast, wall elements are produced on location.

Single pour

SuperGreen is suited for traditional single pour methods as well.

Suitable for 3D-printing

SuperGreen is also suited for 3D-printing which is a growing field, and it will play a major part in future building projects.

Raw material

Supply and pricing

We see no shortage in the supply of raw material in the foreseeable future and pricing will stay low. Which makes SuperGreen at least 50% cheaper to produce than concrete. If you can source raw material from local industry and in the process help them with their surplus byproducts then the price advantage of SuperGreen over traditional material becomes even greater. This we have done successfully many times bringing the price advantage over concrete up towards 80%. In fact, some local industry viewed us as kind of saviours. It’s always nice to help your neighbours, right?

New versions

Recycling more material

We are working on several new versions of SuperGreen to further the recycling of more industry byproducts and to tweak the properties for different applications. And over time, we will certify the new versions to meet ASTM international and BOCA standards.

Region dependent raw material

The reason for researching new versions is to be able to use the most beneficial raw materials with regards to region, price, and environmental impact. Although we see no upcoming shortage in the supply chain, it pays to be prudent and increase the number or recycled raw materials that can be used.


The best raw material to use will also depend on the industry byproducts of each region. The goal is to use locally sourced material s as far as possible to cut down on transports, emissions, and price. SuperGreen is already GREEN, but we like to make it even greener whenever possible.

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